Naruto 671 : And Indra is..... Picture

Naruto 671 is OUT

Here's the summary (based from spoiler Naruto 671-72):

* Naruto knew who embodied Indra's chakra (yes, it's obviously sasuke)
* Another flashbacks about him and his friends about sasuke
* There's another scene where Hagoromo visits sasuke. He also told him that Naruto was reincarnated Ashura
*All the 9 tailed beasts were summoned
* Hagoromo entrust his power to naruto and sasuke
* Hagoromo told them how to defeat the God Tree
* Back to reality, karin sensed sasuke's chakra with another person while sakura felt naruto's heart starts to pump.
* Mighty Guy pierced Rikudou Madara but Madara survived
* Mighty Guy was defeated (WTH happen???) and Rikudou asked them who's next?



Behind them are the two Hindu gods in Japan: Ashura (demigod of the Kāmadhātu) and Indra (God of Weather & War).

ASHURA is a demi-god or semi-blessed being. He is powerful, yet fierce and quarrelsome, and like humans, he is partly good and partly evil. The word asura was then sometimes translated as “non-god” or “anti-god” to complete the Aryan victory and to deny any chance of ranking the Asura among the heavenly gods. The king of the Ashura, often shown with three-faced head (or three heads) and six arms (sometimes four arms). He is often shown holding the sun, moon, bow and arrows, a mirror, and has two hands in the Anjali mudra. Hair is usually bristling. The king of hunger, an ogre in perpetual anger, the king of quarrels. Of the three heads (faces), the central head has a suffering expression, and the others appear angry.

In Pali, “Ashura” literally means "one who is not touched by light." In Pali, the term “Ashura O” can also be translated as "one who doesn't drink sura (alchohol)." In Indian mythology, Ashura O and his followers were the rulers of the Trayastrimsha Heaven, but they were thrown out of that heaven by Lord Indra because they were fond of drinking and were often drunk. After being thrown out, the Ashura vowed never to drink again.

INDRA, also known as Śakra in the Vedas, is the leader of the Devas or gods and the lord of Svargaloka or heaven in the Hindu religion. He is the god of rain and thunderstorms.He wields a lightning thunderbolt known as vajra and rides on a white elephant known as Airavata. Indra is the supreme deity and is the twin brother of Agni and is also mentioned as an Āditya, son of Aditi. His home is situated on Mount Meru in the heaven.

Indra is also called Śakra frequently in the Vedas and in Buddhism (Pali: Sakka)

Both represents the Rabbit Moon: Full moon (gold, bright) and Crescent moon (silver, dark). Looks like it's being linked to Ginkaku & Kinkaku (gold and silver bothers)

KAGUYA-HIME (Hagoromo's mother). If people doesn't know about the "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" or "Kaguya-hime no Monogatari (The Tale of Princess Kaguya),” please read here:… . Many readers said that sakura/mito/karin/hinata is the reincarnation of Kaguya.

Here are some bullets:

* Her original name is Nayotake-no-Kaguya-hime, meaning "princess of flexible bamboos scattering light"
* She is said to be from Tsuki-no-Miyako (月の都 "The Capital of the Moon")
* In the story, Princess Kaguya left a note and elixir of life to her parents and the emperor. The Emperor read her letter and was overcome with sadness. He asked his servants, "Which mountain is the closest place to Heaven?", to which one replied the Great Mountain of Suruga Province. The Emperor ordered his men to take the letter to the summit of the mountain and burn it, in the hope that his message would reach the distant princess. The men were also commanded to burn the elixir of immortality since the Emperor did not wish to live forever without being able to see her. The legend has it that the word immortality (不死 fushi, or fuji) became the name of the mountain, Mount Fuji. It is also said that the kanji for the mountain, 富士山 (literally "Mountain Abounding with Warriors"), is derived from the Emperor's army ascending the slopes of the mountain to carry out his order.
* Princess Kaguya has no rabbit ears. She always put her Bamboo Leaves behind her ears as a hairpin. This is why people said she is a rabbit princess.
* She wore medium crimsom kimono.
* All the events happened in summer from the day she was found in Bamboo Stalk to the day she departed leaving her parents and the emperor behind.
* In Chinese mythology, the goddess Chang'e is stranded upon the moon after foolishly consuming a double dose of an immortality potion. She is accompanied by a small group of moon rabbits.

* Accdg to Hagoromo, before she became a demon goddess, she used to be a Hare / Rabbit Princess. Legends said that the moon is the place of rabbits.
* Before she ate the juubi fruit, she has normal eyes like humans. Hagoromo said his mother also possessed sharingan that she used it on people.

So this means, hinata is not the one because unlike Kaguya's seeking for more power, hinata tried hard to develop her battle skills. Although she has byakugan, she represents herself as a sun, and kaguya came from the moon. Sakura is way closer but her personality doesn't fit to Kaguya. That means, it's either Mito Uzumaki or Karin Uzumaki is Kaguya's reincarnation.

Naruto 671 (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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