Selene Picture

Selene, the daughter of Theia and Hyperion, was the Greek goddess of the moon, sister to Helios and Eos. She fell in love with Endymion, and they had 50 daughters. However, Endymion was human and therefore mortal, doomed to someday die. Selene could not bear of the thought of such a fate coming to her lover, and so cast a spell on him so that he would stay youthful forever, living in an enchanted sleep.

Wow. This.....was a complete pain. I couldn't use the stock I wanted...but =lryiu was sweet enough to find one for me that wound up fitting my idea very well
I changed the background and framing and stuff so that it's not centered anymore, and it looks much better to me
Model: ~Odessa11stock
Moon: [link]
Nebula: `hameed
Brushes: my own
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