Apolaki vs Malyari Picture

Little drawing i made after reading some Interesting Philipipne Mythologies. this by far is my favorite.

Apolaki: he god of sun and was chiefly the patron of warriors. He was the son of Anagolay and Dumakulem.

Malyari: The goddess of moon and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal women. She was the most charming of all the goddesses and had two sister namely Tala and Hanan.

In a Pampangan myth, Bathala died without leaving a will and Apolaki and Mayari fought over who would rule the earth. Apolaki wanted to rule the earth alone while Mayari insisted on equal rights. The two fought out the conflict with bamboo clubs until Mayari lost an eye. After Apolaki saw what he had done, he agreed to ruling the earth together but at different times. However, her light is dimmer than her brother's due to the loss of her eye.


I made some slight changes here especially the weapons they are using. while Apokali remains with the Bamboo Clubs, I gave Malyari a bamboo spear to represent her calm and focused (like the moon) character opposing Apokalis Warrior like adrenalin rush
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