Citlali soothing lover Raven before her execution Picture

Citlali the spirit of light and daughter the bitter hearted god of creation 'Qua Yai,' soothes her lover Raven before her morning execution. My idea for this illustration originates from native american mythology and folklore. the character is based on the famous theological tale of the raven spirit and how he stole the sun, moon, stars, water, and fire from the sky chief, Qua Yai. This is not based off of the of the edgar allen poe raven that most people would be familiar to. In the legend the raven spirit was an immortal being or creature that was not pure hearted but two sided. he is both bad and good. A trickster by nature, Raven is sly and very cagey at heart. the fact that he wooed the daughter of Qua yai in order to get into his realm so that he could deceive and steal the elements of creation, demonstrates this personality. In my version, the character Raven truly falls in love with the pure hearted daughter of Qua yai, Citlali, whom is replaced for the moon, stars, water, fire, and sun. She in my translation of the tale the spirit of light itself. the twist is that when both fall in love Qua Yai goes mad because Qua yai can’t stand Raven. though my version is still very sketchy, the basis is that Qua yai will either kill his own daughter as punishment when he find out about her pregnancy, driving Raven to kill off Qua Yai, inherit his power and title as god of creation by accident, while spreading the dead corpse of his lover Citlali, spirit of light, throughout the entire realm and of course cry a sea of tears that primarily become the ocean. I may need to make it more down to earth than that though if i were to work with it in the game industry.
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