Seize The Day WIP *Redline Please* Picture

Spend ALL the night sketching! This is the sketch for a t-shirt idea I have. Since it will be sold for money, I decided to go the extra mile and male it look realistic-ish. Full realistic would simply kill me :'D Oh yeah, gonna do a ton of stuff for Norse mythology. I love mythology.

Need redlines The feet look really derpy. The hind feet are actually supposed to be a bit bigger than the other feet. The angle was supposed to be something of an upshot ;A;

This will (hopefully) be part of a three piece set. It would be the wolves of Ragnorath, which is pretty much the Norse version of the end of the world. Skoll, the wolf here, chases the sun. His brother, Hati, chases the moon. On Ragnorath they both manage to catch up to their prey and eat them. Their father, Fenrir, will then break free and kill Odin.

Gonna scrap this later, once I no longer need help :3

Art (c) me
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