Fox Door Picture

Digital painting done on Corel painter geared towards children's fairytale

This is my entry for the Mythical Forest World Contest
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO DO THIS WORK ? I am a lover of mythology and stories passed on throughout cultures. This is a mythology of the life I have experienced so far in my lifetime. CREATE YOUR OWN MYTHOLOGY!

it is the past present and future in panoramic, a 2 point perspective. My ancestral name ,Hazel wood, Whom are represented by the grove of Hazelwoods to the left, and tall cotton woods representing the eldership of my ancestry from which paths are followed and rivers are flowing, and returning to.
The Desert is a barren land of vision quests, prayers, and lessons stacked by rocks- opening up to my lands of home lush, mountainous, and nourishing .
There are doorways within the landscape represented by two trees , one long dead , one just beginning to fruit. they are doorways shamanic portals opened by death and rebirth.
The fox is the initiator and the angels wings open to receive the initiator. There is an eagle a symbol of the vision arriving into the physical world. The moon and stars tell the time. The eclipses are markers of time, and the stars a book sharing stories of past , present, and future
The rabbit it the moon , the scribe, flowing from the future to the ancestral roots connecting all time.

Dare to dream, Dream big , create the stories, pass them on. we are all elders in the making .
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