Sun Picture

This one represents the world I have created, whre everyone thinks the Sun is their god, they love day and are really afraid of darkness and night, that's why they fear the moon, but what they don't know is that their true leader is the moon, which represents the hidden truth. All the habitants of this world believe the Sun is their only leader and they worship him, the are living a lie, but their fear is bigger, that's why they can't find the truth. The Sun's destiny is to hide the truth with its light who has blinded the people. The only way people can reach the truth is trough dead or becoming a shaman (who have to hide truth because it is so powerful that everyone who finds it and isn't prepared, will go insane).
There's a lot of animals in this picture, they are the messengers of truth in earth, they know all the truth but as they don't speak the same language humans do, people is not able to understand them.
The snake is the Great Symbol of Truth, the union between lies and truth, light and darkness, sun and moon, if a human tries to talk to her, he will find the trut. Unfortunately, humans are afraid of the Snake so they won't even try to cath her.
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