Elysian Expanse Picture

Elysian refers to the Elysian fields from Greek Mythology and is used in the title as "heavenly". Expanse refers to the unfathomable expanse space holds. Together the title says "Heavenly Expanse".

The two characters depicted are also imitating a well-known lore of the two wolves who chase the sun and moon. Thunderflight's fursona (on the left), Thunder, represents Hati, who chases the moon (blue glowing orb), mainly because she is a creature of night. Global Wolf (on the right) represents Skoll, who is chasing the sun, mainly because he is a creature of day.

Ultimately this piece depicts both of our characters in a dreamlike state as they fly through the skies of space. Being winged creatures, the skies are their home, and this may be perhaps a fantasy of flying farther than the sky of their world can hold.

(copypasted Thunderflight's description <3)

Collab between me and *Thunderflight of our characters Global Wolf and Thunder. I did the lines and she colored it.

So glowy looking haha.
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