Serene as the Moonlit Sky~ Picture

Just a fun little image of Serena from Yugioh Arc V

It's no wonder Endymion has a crush on her ;D

Serena's name, which is also spelled as "Selena", is related to the name "Selene" who, in Greek mythology, was known as the Moon Goddess. This relationship extends to Serena's deck, which utilizes Moonlight/Lunalight monsters. The Mythology surrounding Selene, tells of her falling in love with a mortal man named Endymion (hence the reason I picked the name fro my OC). Endymion was said to be so handsome, that the Moon itself fell in love with him. The Myth further tells how Endymion is put into eternal slumber (not dead) because Selene absolutely loved the way he looked when he was Asleep.

So there's a little story behind my OC, Endymion, and Serena's inspiration. Other than that, it's just a picture of my favorite Female Yugioh Arc V character in a seductive pose xD

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