.keep.me.awake. Picture

quick small painting portrait of my OC, Senkop, because im stressed and i cant work on anything good :/ i normally dont draw when i feel stressed/depressed because my focus goes everywhere, but im struggling to stay awake, even though im not tired at all x_X ive been oversleeping way too much lately out of a lack of motivation to move... its hard to fight... i cant seem to do many things for long before i just dont see a point in it anymore. then i cant even figure out why im depressed... the world isnt ending and nobody is dying. its just stupid. depression is stupid. but it must be smarter than me to always defeat me :/


havent posted much with this OC yet. Senkop is a LoopWolf, a creature that exists in the realm ruled by the Walking Moons. he usually wears a mask, but i didnt feel like drawing it. he looks pretty cliche in this picture :/ wolf with a hairdo OMG so original. his full body looks really different from a normal wolf, though >.< since hes a creature inspired by an Inuit mythology beast, the Qiqirn, who is mostly hairless except for tufts on his head, legs and tail. so Senkop looks more like a wolf/Chinese crested mix or something :/ Senkop isnt hairless, though, but like the Qiqirn, he fears his own name ((say it and he will run away)).

Senkop wants to be kept awake, too, so he wouldnt have to be a Walking Moons slave anymore
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