Natt och Dag Picture

In Nordic Mythology Natt (night, Nott) is the daughter of the giant Narve (how might - or might not - be identical to Narfi, the son of Loke).

Dag (day) is the son of Natt with her third husband Dellinger (who belongs to the household of Balder).

When Dag grows up, Natt and Dag will each driving a chariot over the sky creating night and day.
(The moon and the sun also are driven across the sky in chariots but that is a different set of chariots and drivers).

In Greek-Roman mythology night is Nyx/Nox and day is her daughter Hemera.

In Egyptian Mythology Nut swallows the sun in the evening and give birth to it at dawn.


Natt and Dag spend their lives outrunning giant wolves. The wolves will catch up with them at Ragnarök. But not yet.

The wolves in the picture are Hate and Månegarm (Managarmr).
The Horse is Rimfaxe.


I got the idea to this picture from this painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo
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