A New Reign is Dawning Picture

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"So....I guess it's our turn, now."

Two thousand years have come and gone since Princesses Celestia and Luna took the place of their immortal parents, and now, the time approaches for them to join the gods from which they descend back on Mt. Olympus. But the equine world in which they reside cannot go without leadership. And so at last, a child each is born to the royal sisters baring magic and flight, like their parents before them. Together, these two now, a son of the night and a daughter of light, will hoof-in-hoof guide their world into the new dawn, embracing each day as it passes for the next two thousand years.

My MLP G4 world is a blend of Greek mythology. As there are already several creatures in the show that appear in Greek Myths or derive from there (Chimuras, Ursa Major/Minor) I figure it's essentially the same world, but in a more modern setting and in an equine-exclusive planet, rather than one with humans.

This does not mean the gods themselves were not the same ones....as I'm blending this with Star Trek...and in Star Trek the Greek gods are actually aliens, it's possible they, too, traveled to this planet when they seemed forgotten in the human world, and started anew, taking on a new form in the process.

Celestia and Luna's parents are Helios and Artemis, who controlled the sun and the moon. They ruled Equestria for 2,000 years before passing the torch to their daughters. It was shortly after they were handed the reigns that Luna went mad with power, and Celestia had no choice but to banish her to the moon.

I'm thinking Discord attacked during Helios' and Artemis' reign, and after Celestia (with Luna as well) stopped him, they realized their daughters were finally ready to take the throne.

Discord is Q, by the way. Bored of Earth/Picard has died and seeking a new way to occupy his time. He shifted into a new form and took on the name Discord - in reference to the goddess of Discord herself.

You can bet she wasn't too happy about that.

Zeus still rules overall, on the Equine version of Mt. Olympus. Hades is still in control of the underworld and Poseidon still rules the sea. Yes. He's a sea-pony-alicorn.

These two here don't have names yet, though I am working on them. I think it's obvious who bore who here.

The girl's cutie mark is a fiery colorful comet, and the boy's is a full moon partially shielded by clouds.

Don't know if I'll come back to these guys later, but I wanted to do a piece relating to the princesses' histories as I imagine them.

My Little Pony (c) Bonnie Zacherle, Hasbro
Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust
Star Trek (c) Gene Roddenberry
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