And the Stars Disappeared Picture

I participated in a print trade with some friends and the theme was to use the same pink in all of our prints. I had been reading a lot about Norse mythology at the time so I decided to make a print about it - it depicts Hati and Skoll devouring the moon and the sun. They are bound by the silken thread Gleipnir, which is pink. In gloss overlay, there is a line drawing of their father, Fenris Wolf, also bound by the silken thread. Unfortunately the scan doesn't do justice to the gloss at all - in person, the glossy lines shine in the light and you can clearly see the whole line drawing. In this image, anywhere the gloss is over white paper, it disappears, haha.

Serigraphy with gloss line overlay
Art(c)Melissa Mendelson aka ZulayaWolf.
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