Sailor Galatea Full Picture

I think I might like this picture the best out of all the ones I've done so far. Legs are usually the worse for me but dam those legs are hawt!

Her symbol is simple. The mother planet Neptune's symbol with a moon on the center line. The moon symbol is placed on the line symbolic to the moon residing in the rings of Neptune in real life.
Sailor Galatea Satellite of Neptune:

Ivory Ice chakram(s)-Close to mid range attack that creates chakrams of ice that shoot toward the enemy.

Ivory Ice Beam- Beam of frozen partials shot towards a target, freezing it on contact. The frozen target can be either freed or shattered if willed by Galatea. This attack is a large drain on Galatea's stamina and is not used often.

On the battlefield either attack can be deviating but Galatea's main weakness is her lack of stamina which seems to be a remnant of her other self's illness. To the groups advantage she is a brilliant strategist and knows better than to fire off attacks blindly. (If only her team would listen to her advice)
Galatea is the eldest yet physically weakest of the Sailor Satellites and is teased for that fact constantly by Hebe. Galatea takes it all in stride but still dishes it back two fold to when Hebe makes her usual awkward mistakes.

With fair ivory skin and dark blue pig-tailed hair, both provided via her transformation, Galatea is the most accepting of her new life in comparison to the others. Even changing back to sailor mode periodically to keep from changing back to her other bedridden self.


A sick boy is approached by a man named Malion with an offer to return his health, his mobility, and his life.

After a shocking transformation, it's becoming clearer that, as Oort monsters start appearing and with the mysterious Malion around every corner, Galatea feels like she might have bit of a bit more that she could chew on her own.

But with the help of her new friends, Hebe, Titan, and Io, they search for answers to why they where chosen, who are the villains from the Oort, "and why is this Malion guy stalking me!!!"- Galatea

"Hey be thankful a person gave you your transformation pen. A dammed bird dropped mine on my head!"-Io

Galatea Moon
Galatea Mythology
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