Sailor Theia Picture


So, back to Sailor Moon I guess. This one's an idea I've had for quite some time, actually, and it's a wonder that I've only just gotten to drawing her up. Oh well.

So this is Hikaru Kamino, AKA the Guardian of Twilight, Sailor Theia. Theia is... A theoretical planetoid that, according to the Giant Impact theory, collided with the primordeal Earth eons ago and created the moon. It is also named after a titaness from Greek mythology, the mother of the sun and the moon. Naturally, this means her powers are based on light and darkness, day and night, duality even. Despite being a Sailor Senshi, she is rather opposed to both the role and to the existence of other Senshi. Before her powers emerged, she was beset by visions of a great apocalypse, of a beautiful kingdom torn apart by the powers of magic. Upon awakening as Sailor Theia, she realized that this was not a vision of the future but one of the past; she had witnessed the destruction of the ancient Moon Kingdom, Silver Millenium, but... From these visions she concluded that magic was too dangerous for anyone to have access to, and would only lead to history repeating itself. As such, she has taken it upon herself to destroy anyone who would try to use it. ...She is aware of the irony of her trying to wipe out magic using her own magic.

Hikaru is utterly serious and single minded in her goals, and rarely if ever smiles. As she puts it, "The brighter a light shines, the stronger its shadow becomes. And I am the shadow of that blinding radiance the world knows as magical girls." She believes she exists solely to oppose magical girls, to make sure their power is not abused and to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

As Sailor Theia, she is armed with, well... A very large ball and chain. Her special attack is called Giant Impact, whose name should be rather self explanatory.

Original lineart and base colours by me, lineart fixups and shading by
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