Three Sacred Treasures Picture

Anime Boston recently concluded its Yokai Art Contest and there were a lot of really fantastic pieces entered this year.

I am a yokai fanatic, so I jumped on the opportunity to create promotional art with characters I adore. I made 7 in total. They had a long list, probably borrowed from Wikipedia, which included some characters from the Kojiki and Nihongi, mythological and historical accounts accumulated back int he 8th century.

They might not be yokai but I took the initiative to draw them anyway.

From Left to Right:
Susano'o, god of sea and storms
Amaterasu, goddess of the sun
Tsukuyomi, god of the moon

Each of them is holding one of the Imperial Regalia, or three sacred treasures of Japan given the first emperor to legitimize his rule. They are a sword, mirror, and a jewel.
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