EGM- Outer Sailors Picture

– Outer Sailors for Earth Guardian Mamoru
I couldn’t wait! I revealed these ladies early because I’m too excited about them. Do they look familiar? I hope so, they are the gender-swapped (mostly) versions of the Black Moon Clan! From left to right we have Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

I think I’ll be making a FAQ for this comic, and in it I will for sure put the explanation for why Saturn and Pluto are switched. Mostly it comes down to the greek mythology/astrology. Saturn was the god of time, the planet rules agriculture, time, mentoring, hard-work, and duty. Sounds a lot like Setsuna, doens’t it? Not to mention that she (and Chibi-usa when using the time key) call on the god Chronos. Anyone else catch that? He is the greek equivalent of Saturn.
As for Pluto, it rules: death, the occult (psychic), psychology, mysteries, rebirth, and the darker side of self. Hotaru anyone?
So to stay true to the mythology, I switched their roles ❤
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