Mythical Gods Card Deck - Egyptian Gods Picture

I've always had an interest in mythology and I have also wanted to create my own playing card designs for a long time, so I made this set. I chose to keep the general look and colors of traditional playing cards, but did stylize them and a few additional colors for aesthetic reasons.
"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." - Joseph Campbell

NEPTUNE - KING OF DIAMONDS:Roman god of the sea, Neptune traditionally carries a trident.

DIANA - QUEEN OF DIAMONDS:Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, and childbirth. She carries a bow and arrow.

MERCURY - JACK OF DIAMONDS:The Roman messenger god, he is also the guide of the dead and protector of merchants. His staff is a caduceus.

There are 4 sets in all - Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian.

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