.Selene and Endymion. Picture

"Selene was the Goddess of the Moon, and it's personification in Classical Mythology.
While she was driving her milky horses across the sky one evening, her soft gaze fell on the shepherd Endymion. He was taking a nap among all his sheep, and his sleeping face was handsome. Selene instantly fell in love with him; she couldn't get him out of her head.
That night Selene went to Zeus and asked if Endymion could be granted eternal youth and eternal life.
Zeus granted Selene's wish, and Endymion slept on for eternity, smiling in his sleep. And no wonder. He dreamed that he held the moon in his arms, but it was more than a dream, because Selene bore fifty daughters to Endymion - all beautiful, pale, and sleepy."

So Yeah, this one was very challenging, yet I really love how it turned out <3
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original series: Legend of Korra, By Bryan Konietzko and Mike Di martino
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