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My first entry! ^w^9

I'm a great fan of Norse Mythology (as I wrote in my profile information u3u) and I'm planning to write a sort of webcomic-just-for-fun about some of my favourite characters.

These two are Sigyn and Loki and as you can see they're quite different from the most famous Marvel comics version. In Norse Mythology Loki has red hair, he has the power of fire, he's a shapeshifter and he can fly (thanks to a pair of magical boots, but he can u.u). Sigyn is his wife and not so much is told about her. We know she's a loyal and loving woman who has been married to the God of Lies for ages even though he's the most unfaithful and libertine man in the worlds. Sigyn loves her husband so much she's the only one who stays by his side during an horrible punishment he's condemned to, holding a cup among his eyes to avoid him to be hit by corrosive serpent's poison. Al this for centuries.
Sigyn's also mother of the only two "normal" children Loki has, Vali and Narvi (the God has other known sons and daughters, but all of them are actual monsters).
We don't know how Loki and Sigyn met or anything about their relationship, but I really like them and that's why my comics/illustrations will be mostly based on them uwu

Hope you like it!
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