The Birds Of Rhiannon Picture

This is my new rendition to the Celtic Moon Goddess.

Many different goddesses have represented motherhood in one way or another, and some have been associated with the birth of humanity as a whole. Others have represented the fertility of the earth, but how about the "Moon Goddesses" then?. Celts have some of their own, and particularly Rhiannon is one of the most popular.

Rhiannon is associated to a "Goddess of fertility", and also to the moon, night, and death. Her name means 'Night Queen'. She is associated with horses and has otherworldly birds in her posession.

There is a singular detail regarding her figure that had always attracted me a lot, a detail recounted on her appearance in one of the Mabinogi tales: "Pwyll Prince of Dyffed", her power to summon birds upon her.

She appears accompanied by magical birds whose enchanted songs could " awaken the dead and lull the living to sleep".

Let's notice they are "three birds", once again the triad symbolism appears here, an association with the Triple Goddess.

Birds like butterflies often symbolize the flight of the spirits to the otherworld. They possessed supernatural powers, and throughout Celtic mythology, divine entities frequently shape-shift between human and bird form.

Thus, this new photomanipulation is my humble veneration to them.

Peace, Spirit, and Much Light ☼!

Model Source of Inspiration: "Hornes 01" by the awesome Marianna aka Insomnia [link]
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