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Well this is old, so this doesn't really count towards my self imposed challenge of posting something new every other day.
That said, I forgot I had this picture and never posted it so HERE'S A NEW PIC INTERNETS

For those that don't know, these ladies are the Amazoness Quartet aka the Sailor Quartet. They only became senshi in the manga and that's the Sailor Moon I love best. <3

From left to right, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Ceres.

I like redesigning costumes for no reason. 8D It's fun as hell and lets me overthink shit! You ready for fanfic, here it go:

Sailor Pallas has bracelets that represent the Aegis, a shield that the goddess Athena/Pallas in Greek and Roman mythology was known for possessing. When she makes a cross with her arms(like this: X ) It forms an instant shield that said to be even stronger than Saturn's Silence Wall.

Sailor Vesta was originally going to have explosive incense sticks as her primary weapon. While that is still in her repertoire, I decided to chance it back into the whip. See, the goddess Hestia/Vesta rules over the hearth, the tame fire. So yeah, Vesta can tame fire and stuff with a smokey whip.

Sailor Juno was actually kinda tough. The goddess Hera/Juno was the Queen of the gods and of marriage. When I thought about it, both could be represented as a seal of some sort. So Sailor Juno can bind and/or rind her enemies with a pointy seal.

AND lastly but certainly not least, Sailor Ceres! Her weapon was easy to think up. Like the goddess she is named after, she can control plant life(well agriculture in particular). So she gets a corsage. I was going to make it a garter...and I still might too!

so um...

The Sailor Quartet©Naoko Takeuchi
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