SoraWolf Werewolf Forms Picture

I decided to make this reference pic today after showing my dA avatar to a few friends. I had to explain what my avatar was, so I decided to draw up some of Sora`s different forms.

Starting from the Left:

Human Form: This is the form that is the closest to what I actually look like in real life, save for the clothes.

Normal Form: This is the form you guys all know, love, hate, and love to TG. This form was made a a hybrid form between the human form and the werewolf form.

Werewolf Form: This is the stereotypical werewolf, a hulked out, over muscley, gigantic monster form that has become the standard thanks to monster movie of late and Darkstalkers (Jon Talbain, duh!)

Werewolf Form (2): This is the Traditional Werewolf form, about the size of a large human, and definitely larger than most wolves. In the original legends, Werewolves were people who would transform into large wolves on the night of a full moon. This myth came from Greek mythology, and has spread since. I originally added this form so I could feel like my avatar is a Zoan fruit user from One Piece. I am such a One Piece otaku.

Anyway, that`s about it.

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