It's Your Boyz! Picture

Ya wanna know what the face of true friendship looks like?!

Guzma:"Man I tell ya those Grunts a'mine may be thick in the head but sometimes they make me proud. Picked up some sweet bling for mah pal here, said they jacked it from some loser with a stupid blue-green bowl cut??? Tourist from Sinnoh I hear.. Decked up like a spaceman o' somethin'? Wack yo."

Move over Giorno we've got new GangSTARS in town... I've drawn so many little Sun & Moon sketches since it came out here and there like this, and think I'll line and color a few more of them if I find the time. XD There's just so much and so many people to love in these games though that it's.. Honestly overwhelming? I can't believe how amazing Sun & Moon turned out to be, I'll save more of my thoughts for later or in other pieces, but man, wow. WACK, YO.

I was especially surprised with how great Team Skull turned out to be. I already was in love with the losers since they first got revealed but they really won me over twice as much in-game. SEMI-SPOILERS: I really love how much their entire existence says about the mythology surrounding the Tapus for one, cause in my headcanon, I feel like a major reason the Team even founded is in part because Bulu's stupid rampaging messed up so much of Ula'ula's economy and living conditions making the kids ripe for turning to crime. On that note holy crap Po Town has got to be my FAVORITE enemy team's base EVER in the series, it's probably one of the best if not best sequences in the entire game! The environment design, the sound design, and even that cute little puzzle which legitimately tricked me FOUR TIMES- I felt so stupid plus NANU
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