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Probably should have waited until Halloween to upload this, but it was just sitting in my documents and was beginning to annoy me just been stuck there, so I decided to upload it earlier.

"At Walpurgis Night (the Witches' Sabbath and the equivalent of Halloween), he emerges from the peak of Bald Mountain (in reality Mount Triglav in Slovenia) to summon all of his minions, who dance furiously as he throws them into the mountain's fiery pit."

Chernabog is a character that appears in Slavic Mythology as a deity, with his name literally meaning 'Black God'. You can read more about the character here: Wikipedia Entry
This image, however, is from his appearance in Disney's Fantasia - during the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment as a protagonist villain - although he is viewed as been Disney's representation of pure evil. This is not surprising, considering many people actually mistake him for the Devil - with Walt Disney himself referring to Chernabog as the Devil.

Outside of Fantasia, Chernabog has made appearances in the Disney's TV series House of Mouse, as well as the feature length movie Mickey's House of Villains and appeared as an antagonist in the Disney TV series Once upon a time.
He also made a cameo in Fantasia 2000, the introduction to Vault Disney and was intended to appear in the 2010 live action version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Although he was cut and planned instead for a sequel that never happened, the concept art for the movie still exists.
In video games, he has appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series as well as in Epic Mickey: The Power of Two.


Hope you like it.
Chernabog and Bald Mountain made in Heromachine.
Background, Fire and Moon made in Particle Illusion.
Put together and edited in Photoshop

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