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Full Name: Lekmee Neithan
Nickname(s): The Water Witch, The Bird Woman
Gender: Female
Age: 133 - 23 in human years.
Birthday: February 16th , Aquarius
Hair: White inverted bob.
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’11”
Race/Species: Moon Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Lekmee has a motherly figure with wider hips and a smaller bust. She has blue moon elven tattoos on her cheeks and piercings in her earlobes.
Beliefs/Religion: Pays twin devotion to the Air and Water mothers: Vilya and Alu
Temperament: Kind, Compassionate, Doesn’t ask for much, Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Generous, Wise, Reclusive, Reluctant, Stubborn, Motherly, Affectionate.
Career: Windbringer of the Enoch.
Likes: Birds, Water, Rain, Clouds, Animals, Children, Playing with her daughter, Gardening, Organization, Unextravagent things
Dislikes: Over indulgence, taking more than one’s share, overeating, drunkenness.
Natural Talents: Lekmee can move both water and air with ease, using her ability to shift currents and speed the sailing of the Enoch. She’s been known to combine the two into making monstrous waves, whirlpools and forming water blockades around objects, but she rarely creates storms, preferring to form calming spheres against them. She has the ability to take the shape of birds up to a very large size and birds tend to come to her in flocks naturally.
Background: Once the youngest daughter of the traitorous Arrna family, after they took her and Sul’s newborn daughter from her she decided she had enough of them and their evil tendencies. She abandoned the family, pleading with Sul to take their daughter and go with her, but he refused - leaving her to travel alone. She went to the high elf city - explaining to the Zadok family of the Arrna’s evil intentions to overthrow the ruling family and consequently - the Arrna family was crushed. Hearing Sul had surved and gone out to sea, she and her guardian Sol’leks went out to sea as well, hoping to find him again and they started traveling with the Enoch. When she did encounter Sul again, he was not at all like she remembered. None the less she still mothered another daughter by him, that she named Wilwarin (Wil for short) after something Sul told her when they were younger: “We should name it Butterfly - all elves should be free like butterflies, not confined like us.”
Gabriel: The angel Lekmee is the incarnation of. Se is known as “The Messenger,” and the “Ruler of Peace,” She is the angel who resided closest to Earth and was responsible for delivering messages from God to the beings of the Earth. She often took mortal forms to complete these tasks, but she ceased doing so since in the form of the human Sarah - she was hounded by the demon Asmodeus who murdered any man who tried to marry her. She is a peaceful angel who looks after the world and all the living things in it. A motherly and protective figure, she will often come to the aid of people who respect the Earth.

Ex-Partner - Partner: Lekmee is involved in a strange relationship with Sul Arrna then tends to border on the edge of being entirely unhealthy. While she loves him entirely she tends to resent what he’s become and often laments the loss of the kinder, quiet boy she once knew. At least they both agree on loving their daughter Wil and will often come together nicely as a family.

Siblings: She has an older sister, Khila - but she thinks her cruel and idiotic so she doesn’t acknowledge her at all. Sul was taken into her family and raised with them, but she doesn’t consider him a brother.

Friends/Allies: Sol’leks Giliath ((The Enoch’s Navigator - also the protector assigned to her by the Zadok family)), Lote Narwa ((Second Mate of the Enoch)), Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s First Mate)), Fallaner En’Litse ((The Healer of the Leviathan)), Huine Nukumna ((The Healer and Mage of the Enoch)), Ataque Ture ((The carpenter of the Leviathan)) Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master)), Sul Arrna ((A former lover and the wind bringer of the Enoch)), Wil Neithan ((Lekmee’s young daughter))

Enemies: The Arrna Family: Any member of the Arrna family still alive has an utter loathing for her, thus why she usually travels with Sol’leks.

Full Name: Sul Arrna
Nickname(s): The Snake
Gender: Male
Age: 157 - 27-ish in human years.
Birthday: November 15th, Scorpio
Hair: White and long, down to his rear. Kept in a braid and bound with leather.
Eyes: Icy Blue
Height: 6’2”
Race/Species: Moon Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: An elegant figure, athletically in-shape. Ears are pierced once each and usually wears precious stone earrings. He has blue moon elven tattoos on his face and a blue swirling depiction of a maelstrom on his left shoulder. He has a deep puncture scar on his left hand that he keeps covered with a glove.
Beliefs/Religion: Pays respect to Alu, goddess of the sea and storms.
Temperament: Seductive, Obsessive, Charming, Cruel, Violent, Womanizing, Intuitive, Clever, Dishonest, Sadistic, Lustful, Oversexed, Manipulative, Liberal
Career: Windbringer of The Leviathan.
Likes: Sex, Women, Men, Physical Contact, Controlling Others, Flirting, Storms, Whales - especially orcas, Animals, Children, Nature
Dislikes: Chaste People, Nosebleeds, Being Told 'No', Looking Bad, Opposition
Natural Talents: Sul is a druid of the water and more importantly, the sea. He can conjure vicious storms and bad weather, often employing this to hinder or destroy enemy ships. He also uses it as a cover for his crewmates, creating poor conditions for whatever/whoever they may be pirating. As a windbringer he is in charge of creating favourable water currents and wind for the ship, as well as speeding their course or steering them from weather he can't quell. He's handy with a cutlass but prefers to use his shapeshifting ability, frequently changing into something that aids him in either fighting, fleeing or sneaking. He is a natural-born liar and is fond of taking advantage of people, using his charm and creativity to seduce men and women alike.
Background: Sul was taken in by the Arrna family at infancy when they found him. He knows nothing of his birth family and hardly cares, having found a niche with the Arrnas. They favoured him more than Lekmee, the younger of their two daughters, but the two of them were inseperable. They had a baby girl together when they were still young but the child was acknowledged as only Sul's. He didn't follow Lekmee when she abandoned the family, staying to help with the Arrnas' intentions to overthrow the high elven throne. The family was crushed because Lekmee had warned the high elves, and Sul escaped to eventually end up at sea. He was hired on by Dae as a windbringer and eventually crossed paths with Lekmee again. He loathes her for betraying the Arrnas and leaving him alone. However he still fathered another daughter with her, naming the girl Wilwarin ((Wil for short)). Sul doesn't know why the name struck him as perfect, but Lekmee seems to.
Asmodeus: Sul is the incarnation of this archdevil. The most stunning of all the fallen angels, Asmodeus embodies lust, carnal pleasures and all the addictive perversions in the world. He is dangerously beautiful, seductive in his fluid movements and silver tongue. His long tail is that of a python's, deep blue, silver and black. His boney wings have lost their feathers in favour of misty liquid membranes. The sixth layer of Hell was given to him, where he created a surreal realm, a paradise to challenge paradises. Those who fall to his sin are ravaged in their desires until they fall to the colossal maelstrom that spans the plane. He is entirely obsessed with Gabriel, and became so when she walked the Earth as the human, Sarah. He hates her to no end, but desires no one else.

Ex-Partner - Partner: Lekmee Neithan. The two of them are bound in a strange relationship that walks the borderline of being entirely unhealthy. He despises her for abandoning him and indirectly causing the death of their first daughter - at least, in his mind. He also loves her completely and all of his unending desires and escapades exist only as temporary reprieves for the need he has of her. They can at least agree on loving their second daughter Wil and will often come together nicely as a family.

Siblings: An older adoptive sister, Khila, who he lost contact with after the Arrna family fell. He was raised with her and Lekmee, but doesn't consider Lekmee to be his sister. He has a twin brother somewhere, though they were separated shortly after birth.

Friends/Allies: Gilie and Turytura Raumo ((navigator and weapons master of The Leviathan)), Wil Neithan ((his and Lekmee's young daughter)), Ataque Ture ((carpenter of The Leviathan)), Lote Narwa ((second mate/weapons master of The Enoch)), Malta Tiris ((Captain of The Enoch)), Sol'leks Giliath ((navigator of The Enoch)), Huine Nukumna ((healer of The Enoch)), Dae Lanta ((Captain of The Leviathan)), Minya Maa ((first mate of The Leviathan)), Fallaner en'Litse ((healer of The Leviathan - allies, not friends))

Enemies: Quenta Kiirar - the first mate on The Enoch. The two despise each other utterly, although Sul expresses this in a different way than Quenta. He wants nothing more than to control him and put him in his place, and is constantly finding ways to do so.
Elyoc - the devil hounding Dae.

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