fate of men Picture

A calendar based on the old ways of counting the months which were aligned with the zodiac signs. The sun (equinoxes), moon (new & full), the stars and the idea of a cycle are the main focus.

It compares the modern names with the old ones, puts focus on weeks rather than days, gives information on special days of the year and gives small images that symbolize each period of time.

To illustrate this I used imagery from old norse mythology. These are the 3 witches Urdur,verdandi & skuld (past, present and future), one is watering the roots of Askur Yggdrasil (tree of life), one is meddling with men's fate (the threads are men's lives and cutting a thread mean's a man's death) and one is by the urdarbrunn, the well of knowledge.

In the tree (askur yggdrasill) there is a squirrel running up with news to the eagle and partly hidden are the two wolfs that chase the sun and moon in the sky (when the catch them the world will end).

function: the tree and wheel are separate. Thee wheel turns while the tree remains still. Just move it towards the current months each time a new month begins.
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