Crestella Reference (Anthro, Mage Attire) Picture

Quick little reference drawing, I've been meaning to draw a reference for Creststella for flipping ages for both her normal dragon and anthro forms. Anywho, this is her in a sort of Mage set of clothing, wielding a staff and giving some poor book the old foot job. All of the colours used are shown, in a nice handy little pallet. Her skin is the darker red while the brighter is her eye and eyebrow colours. Her Crescent Moon Markings are present of both sides of her upper legs/butt-cheeks and arms.

I'd write a good lot about her and her history however for some odd reason I find myself sneezing like a squirt gun at the moment, I've somehow caught a cold from somewhere so I'm really not up to writing an awful lot, so I'm just going to copy a few lines I wrote from an old OC showcase. I'll write up a proper bio for her when I finish her Normal dragon reference.

Personality: Quiet, likes to keep to herself most of the time. Can be ignorant to those she despises. Loves to read and has a fascination with Astronomy.

Bio: Abandoned at the age of two by her father at the Coastal Town of Raigio, later adopted by a retired Couple who she lived with until the siege of the Dragon-shores, in which they brutally murdered, ever since she has been adventuring the lands. Her family origins are actually from an ancient Moon tribe (took a leaf out of Japanese Mythology here) hence why she bares the markings of the Moon-Kind. Able to breath and Conjure fire spells and attacks. Moon armlet allows her to control fire using Telekinesis, using in the form of two flaming fists she smacks her foes with.

Anywho enjoy,

Character and Artwork Belongs to me. If you feel obliged to draw her then by all means, provided you let me know and link me to it. Thankies.
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