Manyue Long Picture

Mǎnyuè lóng (滿月龍) The Full Moon Dragon, is one of the benevolent and wise ruling celestial spirit of the bright side of the moon, also known as the Shining Silver Dragon, The Bright Lord, The Evening Light, and The Moon King.
I'm working on making a complex spirit world with foundations from many different cultures and similarities the world of the physical but with a surreal touch. For instance I intend to have many spirits that represent an aspect such as bodies in nature, and in this case the Moon. There will be minor spirits that do little jobs, and greater, more powerful spirits that have big roles. Manyue Long is one of the head honchos of the Lunar Spirits and is called "Zǔfù" or grandfather by the other spirits in respect.

In ancient Chinese mythology there are many dragons and water is considered the
quintessential domain of the dragon and they had the power to bring rain and seasonal floods that provided essential nutrients, as opposed to it's Yin counterpart the Chinese Phoenix or Fenghuang who's element is fire. The Celestial Guardian Dragon of the East however, Meng Zhang's Wu-Xing element is Wood which is associated in Chinese culture with: Air, Wind, Sound, Acid, Mind, and Mana, and the Celestial Guardian Dragon of the Center, Huang Long the Yellow Emperor Dragon's Wu-Xing element is Earth and it's believed that the land of China rests on Huang Long's back, so if invaders dare mess with China, they would have to deal with a colossal Earth Dragon! There are also dragons of the elements Metal and Fire, but they are not as common. Manyue Long is not directly from a Chinese myth, but he is inspired off of Chinese mythology and culture. Silver symbolizes security and intelligence, and represents modern technology. Because it is a precious metal, it has been used for currency around the world. In Western Europe, silver is stylish, representing financial wealth, but it also represents a stalemate. In heraldry, silver is a symbol of purity. Silver symbolizes the moon, and the color is thus associated with the mother goddess. In certain traditions, silver is a sign of clairvoyance. In Feng Shui, silver is connected to the element metal and possesses the passive Yin quality, and represents romance and trust, however because Manyue Long is connected to the Moon itself, Manyue Long is more connected to the element of water and has control over the ocean tides, and can provide safe passage across the sea or create fierce storms and giant waves to crush boats, he's not mean spirited or malicious but he considers himself a teacher and good is not always soft or nice. If he becomes angry it's unlikely that he'll try to kill you, but he will give you a hard time.

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