When Winter and Spring Meet Picture

*** VERNAL EQUINOX (Winter & Spring) ***

The most natural couple of Kathleen's Mythology.
In Kathleen's Mythology, Vernal Equinox celebrates the beginning of the year; the moment Winter & Spring meet, is the moment Sun & Moon reunite after half a year. It is claimed that despite what most would assume, Winter & Spring (which resemble the 'Hibernal', 'Prevernal', and 'Vernal' seasons in Natural Calender), are not enemies, but lovers; it is said that the only reason Winter is cold and Spring is fresh is the love they hold for one another. Their feelings come and stay from happiness and not loss or sadness. Winter & Spring don't miss each other because when they come, they would meet anyway.

The birth of each year is a child of theirs; Winter & Spring have thousands of children no matter which calender they are perceived from.

Winter is what it is for the sake of Spring, and Spring is what we know her as only for the sake of Winter. This is what makes them the most natural couple in mythology, and makes Vernal Equinox even more of love than only a holiday: Years being considered as children, Vernal Equinox is the celebration of birth, of life and of love.

Vernal Equinox is on March 20, and some years on March 21; the time changes due to the solar system's timing.

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