Approaching Destination Picture

Here is a zoom in of the moons Elohim and Nathaniel from the main human colony ship as it entered into the Iofiel's moon system, 80 years ago. In this picture one can clearly see 3 of Elohim's main continents: Shambhala is the south, Kawaiki in the center of the image, and Zeelandia to the extreme left.

Shambhala is named after an ancient Buddhist kingdom that supposedly existed somewhere in the Himalayas, hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world. The continent was named as such because it is extremely mountainous, with some of the highest peaks in all of Elohim.

Kawaiki is named after the mythical homeland of the ancient Polynesian people of old Earth. Kawaiki is home to Elohim's largest jungle, which in fact covers all of the continent. The continent sits exactly on the moon's equator and receives year-round suns light.

Zeelandia is named after the ancient submerged continent of the same name on Old Earth. It is also vastly tropical, with its northern parts being a bit more temperate.

None of these continents have any human population, in fact, none of Elohim's continents are currently populated by humans. Only one large island, the size of Borneo, in the central Sea of Juracan holds all of the human population. ...But of course, that's just what the official history books say.


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