YeYo, The Mother Goddess Picture

When you wake up in the morning
And you see the morning sun
And if you need to know the world is on your side
Who do you run to?
Who can you turn to?

Then the evening comes to greet you
You need, you need someone to hold you close
And then you feel the need to rest your aching mind
Who can you run to?
Who can you turn to?

Well see the suns in the east and the moon reflects
Like the knowledge and wisdom I manifest
If you wanna go to heaven lay upon my breast
I’m Ye Ye
Your Ye Ye


This is an illustration of one of the major characters/themes that I was developing for my Degree Project while at RISD (which was basically visual development based on personal mythology).
She was heavily inspired by the Erykah Badu song, Yeyo (also the word for mother in swahili) as well as The Famished Road by Ben Okri.
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