Avatar's S and E Line Art Picture

[EDIT] I'm uploading the colored version, so I had to change the title of the line art. I REALLY wish DA would let us use long titles!

The third of the line arts I'm uploading today, drew it right after "Yue-hime, watching quietly".

The story is pretty easy for anyone familiar with Greek (or Roman, I suppose) mythology. ...And this has nothing to do with Sailor Moon, though I do love that too. But if anyone doesn't know, the RD version of the story:

Selene, the goddess of the moon (not to be confused with Diana/ Artemis or Hekate) fell in love with a young sheperd/hunter/prince (depending on the rendition) named Endymion. She then asked Zues to keep him immortal, which he did, but there was a catch. He lives forever, but is forever asleep. So she visits him each night, and she'll have him for all of eternity, but he'll never wake up again.

Small points may change depending who tells it, as there is no "true myth".

Of course, during drawing, I also had the idea that Sokka was having a nightmare and Yue was just soothing his sleep. "Sweet dreams, Sokka..."

Sokka's sleeping against a moss-covered boulder like in "Sokka's Master", because I wanted him in a kind of up-right position. Don't worry, he aparenty finds it quite comfy.

Art-wise, I was more comfortable drawing Yue after that first pic, but Sokka gave me trouble. This isn't news, though. Sokka gives most artists trouble. *shrug*

One last thing: This was also done on Bristol paper, so it's also huge. And the lines don't reach the borders, which I try to do, but I'll trim it down to size when I've finished it.
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