To Mark my Skin in Ink - WIP - v3 v4 v5 and v6 Picture

Aye, now to explain...
I love two things. Scotland (and celtic, which I am aware referse to other cultures as well) and the mythological being Lilith (or Lilitu).
Desigining a symbol that incorporates these two aspects of myself, and basically, represents meus animus.

Here are a few doodles, trying out different shapes of moon, and different celtic designs for its center.

V3 and V4
have an altered shape of moon, further from the original Dark moon symbol, but I actually like them best. V3 has an altered swirling design from V2. V4 has another design entirely, inspired by a an actual celtic moon that is quite known.

V5 is the other end from V2, and takes most of its shape and design from celtic art, in particular a specific celtic moon design that is quite known (same as V4).

V6 is just the basic shape, slight altered and more stylised than the others, getting further from circular and into a more elliptical form.
It's pretty meh, but alas.
Didn't bother with the designs, because they take a lot of time to alter to fit a new shape, and because I don't really like this one much, I probabbly won't bother with the design. Neverhteless, it's different.

Anyhow, any suggestions are always much appreciated, albeit that does not mean I will even consider them, of course.

art belonds to Trystan Murray Warnock-Juteau (myself).

Anyhow, enjoy!
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