Legendary Hexagon Picture

With the Sun/Moon mascot reveal being hours away, I wanted to get this off my mind.

If the Sun and Moon legends turn out to be related to the XY-legends, I think it would be neat if they were perfect counterparts, with the Sun and Moon mascots shared prevalent colour being white (to contrast the black in Xerneas'/Yeltals designs) as well as there being a third legendary with multiple forms as an equivalent to Zygarde.

This graphic represents that idea. That's all xD

For the top one, I went with purple because it completes the colour-cycle of the picture best, and the symbol is nothing specific besides a similar basic symbol-design. But if you did ask me "what would the third theme to sun and moon be?", my answer would not be star/s or comet or whatever else others seem to think would be a match, but Eclipse. Because it's thematically very interesting, as it's a combination of the 2 "light sources" (in primitive and mythological viewpoint) in the sky, but results in darkness.

version 2.0

swapped the places of Moon and "Eclipse" since the moon legendary seems to be darker than Xerneas as well as leaning more towards purple. This would make Zygardes hypothetical counterpart a white+turquoise.

also, YAY I was right, the legendaries ARE prominently white XD
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