Rusalka-evil water nymph Picture

I had her up a long time ago, but took her down and did some repainting.
She's totally traditional with Prismacolor, glitter gel and a little chalk.
Framed Kvad pro

Rusalka – the water deity of the Slavic mythology

Another Mamiwata ‘Paranormal and creatures of the world’ day
Meet Rusalka, the water goddess of the Slavic cultures. In Slavic mythology, a rusalka (plural: rusalki or rusalky) is a female ghost, water nymph, or a mermaid-like demon who lives at the bottom of rivers. Legend has it that in the middle of the night she walks out to the bank, and dances in meadows. When she meets handsome men, she mesmerizes them with songs and dancing, then lead them away to the river floor to their death.……; Rusalka's song to the moon
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