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In Hungarian mythology the táltos was a person who has magican ability and some kind of unusual features (for example, they born with tooth, or have 6 or more fingers.) The táltos had a special mission in life to cure both body and soul of other members of society.
The táltos was able to go into a deep meditation called "révülés", and in such a state could cure sickness of any kind. The táltos also had a mission to communicate with the entire Hungarian nation in a time of danger, to warn against invading armies or an impending cultural collapse.

Táltos is similar to a shaman, but not the same, because there are many differences between them.
for example:

# the shamans learn to be shamans, while táltos get their power during prenatal period, they "know" everything once born.
# The shamans use external materials to go into mediation, táltos can do "révülés" without anything. In fact táltos look like ordinary people.
# The shamans usually do some kind of acting (dancing, mumbling, etc) when they are in "operation", while táltos are always without any movement or sound.
# The shaman tradition is without horse, while táltos tradition is tied to "táltos horse".
# The táltos has a personalised mission in life from God.

The Moon and the Nightspirit:
Égi Táltos

Vágtass Égi Táltos
Álom szőtte éjben
Sarlós Anyánk
Vigyázza lépted

Vágtass Égi Táltos
Magasból a Mélybe
Kísérje Utad
Öreg Isten Fénye

Vágtass Égi Táltos
Csillagos Ösvényen
Magos Mennynek Háza Népe
Oltalmazzon Téged

Vágtass Égi Táltos
Hét Világnak Őre
Szellő Szárnyán, Vizek Árján
Vágtass a Messzeségbe.

title from this song, not from Jesus Christ (:
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