.: The Bearer Of Regulus - Leo, The Golden Lion :. Picture

The Leo Constellation is connected in almost every way to the sun. In the zodiac, Leo is a fire sign and represents those born in the summer months. In ancient times, the constellation lined up almost perfectly with the summer solstice. Leo's brightest star, Regulus, was often called the "Red Flame" and was thought to contribute to the heat of summer.

Though the story of Hercules (Greek mythology) and the Nemean Lion is by far the most popular, there are a couple of other possible explanations to the constellation Leo myth.

Hera (Greek mythology) has essentially played "Godmother" to most of Greek myths’ great monsters, including the Nemean Lion. It was Hera who first begged Gaia and Tartarus to create the god/monster Typhon, who happens to be the Nemean Lion's father. Some legends say that Hera or Selene the moon goddess (Greek mythology) had nursed the Nemean Lion, but regardless of whether or not you take that literally, Hera has connections to the Nemean Lion more so than Zeus. Plus, the Nemean Lion is named as such because Hera, angry at Zeus, sent it to Nemea to live, where there just so happens to be a shrine to Zeus. Thus anyone wanting to worship Zeus would have to get through a gigantic, almost indestructible lion first.

That said, it makes sense that Hera (Greek mythology), who sent the Lion to Nemea in the first place, took pity on the creature (or perhaps felt guilty) for it getting hunted down and killed and allowed it to live amongst the stars, next to Selene, the moon goddess, who adored him.

Steps (in sequence):

Step I – first I practiced anatomy of the lion head and tried mastering it, especially the skeletal framework of lion’s Head.

Step II – I drew a lion skull first and used it as a base to start the drawing as a whole.

Step III – After drawing the lion head, I gradually ran my pencil over the entire skull looking for appropriate spots to coat the skull with the skin.

Step IV – Once it was done, I gradually started giving it effects like the torn and withering skin on the lion’s face and the respective details in the rest of the face.

Step V – It was supposed to end up in a different manner because Leo is the King of all the Celestial Zodiac Spirits but then due to lack of space, I changed the plans and decided to make a doodle out of it instead. The theme I selected for it was that of the King Of All Beasts instead that of the Zodiac and Constellations.

Elements included in the doodle are:

1. *_: A Lion :_*

2. A Constrictor

3. A Cocoon

4. A Dolphin

5. A Fish

6. A Howling Wolf

7. A Rumbling Streak of Lightning

8. A Tentacle of an Octopus

9. A White Raven

10. Butterflies

11. Forest Spirits

12. Grape Vines

13. Honeybee and a Flower

14. Ladybugs

15. Migratory Birds

16. Poison Ivy

17. Sunset in a Valley

18. The Spots of a Leopard

19. Thorny Bushes

20. Water Bubbles

Since a Lion dominates the entire animal kingdom, I decided to include every possible animal and plant and everything related to the nature in it to cover it up after my planned concept of Leo the Lion as a whole failed.

Tools brought into application:

1. An 18x12.5 cm Sheet of Printing Paper

2. An HB Pencil for the Foundation

3. A Black Gel Pen (0.5) for filling the ink

4. A 01 Sakura Pigma Micron for finer lines and detailing

5. Used an Apsara Non-Dust Eraser in the end to erase the extra lines

6. A Scanner to Scan it in low light exposure mode

Hope it is worth appreciation. I made this after failing to draw it at the first attempt which ended up being the Dragon Head Doodle instead.

Have a good day ahead everyone


“A Leo’s biggest asset is also his/her biggest weakness. His/her heart.”

~ Tara Sprowls

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