Personal Crest Picture

This was somewhat inspired by the character emblems in blazblue...
For whatever bizarre reason I decided to try and make my own... although this is extremely simplistic in comparison.
The overall shape is a familiar pentagram... symbolic of the elements, the spirit, and overall balance. The eye in the middle was meant to resemble a cat's eye... I meant it to stand for intuition and simply serve as kind of a spirit animal. The entire thing forms the shape of a scorpion (scorpio). And also the symbol for pluto (scorpio's ruling planet before it was disowned... identified with hades, god of the underworld in greek mythology). Underneath the pentagram is an abstract spider lily (lycoris radiata). One of my favorite flowers both in appearence and significance. Beneathe that is the scorpion's tail... and the letter "w"... standing for the direction west... and the element of water. At some point I might add to, ink, or color this. Not sure yet. Interesting tattoo concept too, no?

This was drawn with a basic mechanical pencil and edited a tad with pixlr just for a contrast and color adjust.
This is also a photo, not a scan... so the quality is lacking for that.

also... the greek says
"doubt thou the stars are fire"
shakespeare line... or emilie autumn lyrics if you're not into dead poets and playwrights.
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