Artemis (Greyscale brown paperbag) Picture

All done in black ball point pen on a brown paper bag.

This probably one my most detailed grey scale art pieces to date. I spent all hours of the night last night going into late this morning trying to finish up this art piece of the Greek goddess Artemis. I filled every last square inch of this page most of Artemis's major symbols and sacred animals. Probably the most tiresome time consuming aspect of this piece was coloring the whole background in with Bic ball point pen. My Zeus, that took forever!

I hope I get some page views and favorites and maybe a little publicity on this piece; I put in butt load of time and effort and lost a full night's worth of sleep over this piece, and it would really bum me out if all I manage to do is rack up maybe 1 or 2 favorites and maybe 10 page views after 1 week of sitting in my gallery. I noticed that happening a lot with a lot my recent submissions lately. :/ I seemed to have lost a lot of my watchers after what happened in November 2012, I'm hoping to get a few of them back again or at least get some new ones.

Anyway back to Artemis and her weapon...

I went ahead and redesigned Artemis's bow so that it was a bit more accurate to the classic mythology aspect. In classic mythology, it's said that she hunts with an all silver bow. However, I find that hard to believe that a bow of any kind can be forged from nothing but solid block of silver and still remain functional like a regular hunting bow, its inconceivable. Bows are going to be made of 1 of the following, synthetics, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or if it is a traditional bow, it'll be made out of layers of laminated flexible hardwood. I gave her a traditional wooden recurved bow with silver ornaments (to kind help make the story a bit more fluid in terms of accuracy), and I gave her leather a quiver packed with traditional wooden arrows, even though in the myth it states that she hunts with both an all silver bow and all silver arrows. Silver is pretty dense metal, not to mention how soft and malleable it is; let's just say if the arrow heads were made out of silver, they'd likely break if they were dropped or fired into a target.

Sacred animals and symbols...

Obviously we me mentioned the bow arrows, I also included a golden crescent moon tiara Artemis's head, a crescent moon in the background, the stag (whitetail deer), the wolf (2 Gray Wolves), and the razorback (wild boar). An interesting note about the wolves, in most stories of classic mythology about Artemis, there are no mentions about wolves being one of Artemis's sacred animals, (however the wolf is one of Athena's sacred animals) in fact the only sacred animals that Artemis is represented with is the stag (deer), the razorback (wild boar), the bear, and her hunting hounds (10 of them to be specific). I think what happened is that people assumed that dog and wolf were synonymous with canis lupus and so people would commonly interchange the 2 animals. I seems to be the majority concenceus that the wolf is one Artemis's symbols, even though it actually isn't.

I guess that's what you get when you're mythology buff like I am. Well I put in my 2 cents worth.
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