My Dream, My Fantasy Picture

Theme : Dream

Finally my painting for the art exhibition is done! omg It took me a week to finish this one.... I'm sorry for the crappy and unfocused picture because I took it with my digital camera... It's also a bit dark. ><

This is a mixed media.. I painted on a canvas 24 x 24 with using markers and colour pencils. For the children, the clock, the wolves and the babies holding moon and sun were done digitally ^^ then I print it on a photo quality paper, cut it then stick it there~

I also put some Norse mythology if you know it ;D

Well I hope this looks good enough =]

Done by me from 2011 January 5th - 2011 January 12th

PS : Somehow everyone who saw my painting will always ask : "Why is the tree upside down???"
and the answer is "Because it's a dream~~~ and also it's your own interpretation, it will be your fantasy and imagination to discover it ;D"
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