The Idea of December Picture

The castle in this painting is based very roughly on the Peles Caslte in Sinais, Romania. It is declared to be one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Construction began on the castle began in 1873 and was finally finished in 1914. There was a brief delay from 1877-1879 due to war, and it was "inaugurated" October, 1883. This castle has been home (or at least resting place) to some of the most important figures in history...royalty, politicians, and even artists. 35 of the 168 rooms are open to the public.

During the winter months, the crescent moon resembles a crown or a bowl....some describe it as the moon having "horns". Some ancient cultures called the winter crescent moon the "wet moon", as it appeared to be a bowl full of water. As spring and summer came and the moon tilted to "pour out the water", this moon was considered the "dry moon". Of course, there are many gods whose symbol is the "horned" moon. One being Harpocrates from Greek mythology, and another being the Horned God of Celtic mythology.
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