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Artemis: I'm older.

Why doesn't anyone notice that Apollo and Artemis are actually Greek mythology twins, and they should fight just like regular siblings?

Artemis is the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt (you can see the shadow of a deer behind her neck) and childbirth, and Apollo is the Greek god of music, medicine, and archery (well, they both are, but I gave him the arrow int he back). He is connected to the sun while Artemis is connected to the moon. So are these two freaking shiny enough? They are even alike in that Artemis adores cypress trees (branches are included in her hair) while Apollo adores laurel trees (branches also in his hair).

Their nymph maid deals with their sibling rivalry everyday.

Now, here is the story, and it is a good one. Immediately after Artemis was born, she goes and HELPS her mother give birth to her twin brother (Apollo) through nine days of labor. NINE DAYS of labor. Imagine being born to be a midwife to your mom.

If I helped my sibling come into the world, I would boast about it too.
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