The Dryad Picture

Finally finished this mask and got pretty good photos of her.
-Made entirely of paper.

I entered this mask into the mythology contest at

“The Dryad”

A Dryad is a female tree nymph, originating from Ancient Greece and generally associated specifically with the Willow tree (the tree of the Moon), oak, and ash.

In Greek mythology, the dryads are female spirits of nature (nymphs), who preside over the groves and forests. Each one is born with a certain tree over which she watches. A dryad either lives in a tree, in which case she is called a hamadryad, or close to it. The lives of the dryads are connected with that of the trees; should the tree perish, then she dies with it. If this is caused by a mortal, the gods will punish him for that deed. The dryads themselves will also punish any thoughtless mortal who would somehow injure the trees.
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I've been really interested in Greek mythology for some time now and have been wanting to create something woodland and female, Dryad became my obvious choice. I've had a great interest in trees for many years now, I love looking at them and their shapes as well as their colors, they are so beautiful. Because of this interest I've been drawn to Dryad myths.
-My intent with this photoshoot was to portray the mask itself as the catch glimpses of her hiding in the trees and foliage.

This mask is made entirely of paper and silk leaves. The backside is covered in a beautiful brocade fabric with a matching trim.
The Dryad is my first large paper mask.

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