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Definition: 'Aluluei'

In origins a language Pohnpeian (Ponapeic)1 proper name representing their multi eyed deity of navigation and knowledge. According to the mythology, stars in the night sky are Aluluei's numerous shining eyes. The lights serve to guide members of his sea faring peoples over unmarked ocean waters. Weather conditions and visibility represent a mariner's grace with Aluluei.2 And all civilizations of the Community3 have at one time used stars as an early device for establishing latitudinal position as well as time of night and season. Today, the name represents any natural astronomical object that can serve to aid in surface navigation - the plural form is also aluluei.

Like the myth, stars are a type of aluluei. However they do not provide complete support since longitude can not be reliably calculated from stellar observation on most planets. For many civilizations this deficiency is the drive for developing chronographic technologies. Though, planetary motion is more accurate than initial time keeping techniques, satellites orbiting neighbouring planetary bodies can serve as natural chronometers aiding in the calculation of longitude. But such aluluei are often difficult to observe without compact optical technologies such as telescopes. For many civilizations a cultural influence is the development race between early mechanics and optics.

A striking example of aluluei and their cultural impact is EGO 0566-00000000002. A sixty-one (61) Earth mass ringed gas giant orbiting the class K5 orange dwarf4 EGO 0566-00000000005 - 18812 light years from Earth in the Carina-Sagittarius spiral arm. Not including ring components, this planet is orbited by thirty-seven (37) natural satellites. The fifteenth moon being EGO 0566-00000000001, birth world of Civilization Sagittarius Orange.5

Captured rotation6 has forced planet Sagittarius Orange5 to orbit its mother with a permanent near-far side orientation.7 The ringed giant appears fixed in the sky as observed from the surface. The same dynamic exists for the Earth as seen from the surface of the Moon, though EGO 0566-00000000002 appears six-and-a-half (6.5) times larger. On the near side, and seven (7) percent of the far side, the position and orientation of EGO 0566-00000000002 with its ring system corresponds to a unique surface location. Any observer can calculate both latitude and longitude through measuring the aluluei's right ascension and declination or corresponding astronomical co-ordinate standard.

On the other hand, historically, members originating from the other ninety-three (93) percent of the far side had no such convenience. Societies there developed chronographic and other mechanical technologies first while those of the near side emphasized the discipline of mathematics. A cultural division that still persists making Sagittarius Orange dichotomous - two peoples - symbolized by their avian adaptions of a compass vs. a balance wheel. Members descended from near side cultures hold greatest respect for geometry in both science and art. Whereas cultures originating from the far side praise engineering and craftsmanship.8

Co-incidentally, near side mythologies regard EGO 0566-00000000002 as a deity of guidance or protector of travelers,9 similar the Pohnpeian god himself.

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