Bast - colour Picture

Finally, lol.

Firstly, I'd just like to say how surprised I am with people's reactions to this. Not on the internet, but with people at school. Myself, I don't think it's a great picture, I think it's rather sloppy, but, holy cow, everytime I'm freaking working on it at school someone pops out of nowhere and says something like "OMFG THAT'S SO PRETTY1!!11" It's SCARY! I'm gonna have NIGHTMARES of excited faces! My friend Cat practically glued her face to the page when I showed her the almost-finished copy (she really likes cats... can you tell by her name? XD)

Anyway, I had to make the background brown. It was calling out to me "colour me brown... colour me brown..." I thought it looked like crap at first but now I sorta like the unevenness to it. But I wish I made it look more like a shadow than an outline. Bah, oh well.

Why does she have a nose ring? Go read the description for the inked version.

And now, some Egyptian Mythology for you. [Just skip to the end if you don't want to read.]
Bast is one of the more famous of the Egyptian Gods. She is said to be one of the daughters of Ra, and is described as a desert cat or woman with the head of a cat. A later God[dess], likely after the domestication of cats. She was Goddess of the Sun until contact with the Greeks, then she was known as Goddess of the Moon, and associated with the Greek god Artemis.

Bast is also called Bastet, because the T is supposed to be clear, and another name is Ailuros. There is [was?] a temple for her in Bubastis, a cult centre, and place of great splendor and beauty. Cats are sacred to her, and to harm one comes with great punishment. She's also the perfume protector, since perfume was a very important thing for the ancient Egyptians.

Learn something? Damn right you did. I'm an amazing teacher. >D

Coloured pencils, markers, colourless blender pencil and marker (all Prismacolor), black (.5) and black-brown (.25) liquid ink on 8A paper.
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