Lady Merope Picture

My 500th deviation! I was planning on drawing something awesome and epic, but realised that I was still exhausted after my last picture, so instead you all get show-and-tell!

I promised I would unveil someone new from my moon-line didn't I? Well, I though this was a perfect this, and since Queen Selenity's mother won in the poll (by a horse's head), here she is: Lady Merope!

Merope's father is a nobel from the Solar Kingdom, and he raised his daughter in the belief that her solar bloodline was way superior to her lunar (Merope was one of Helios' daughters in mythology), and since her mother was a somewhat weak and insecure woman, she never spoke up against it. Thus Merope hung unto her father's every word, becoming a spoiled young woman who looked down upon part of her legacy, believing that her rightful place is in the royal court of the Solar Kingdom (and preferably it's queen
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