Foxenus the Giant Fox Picture


This is my first mythological creature for the whole world, fairy tales and legend

Foxenus is a giant monster fox he was 50 feet tall. He had a body of a human (but than in orange or red) and a head and tail of a fox. Every night when the moon lights in the countryside. Then he woke up and then he look around. But on that day he was awake. He stomps his heavy footsteps around and he makes big holes in the ground. The trees and the houses begin to tremble and sometimes he forgot natural that he should be careful that he is not the houses and people walking over it. But he is very careful. He was just a friendly giant fox. And he can talk. But if he is hungry, he went to eat the vegetable garden. And when he was going to do nap, he leans on the mountains or lying by the lake.
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