Wedding Michiru Haruka - WIP Picture

Finished piece: [link]


Now you can also see my progress on the coloring.

The official name: "Wedding of the Sea and the Sky"

Ignore the poor photo quality, this is just a preview/WIP.

I just spent about 4 and a half hours sketching and then inking this.

Based on the two dreams I have had - this is very mythological-looking wedding of Haruka and Michiru. ^^

I gave Michiru longer hair, like she had in the manga. Haruka's looks were inspired by Holybell from Oh! My Goddess. And yes, I know her wings aren't anatomically correct, haha. XD

I will try to color this one within the next week, but I also have to work on commishes. ^^

Hope you like it so far!

This one will be deleted once the final version is uploaded.

(And God, I hope I won't mess it up!)

Sailor Moon and all the related characters are (c) of Naoko Takeuchi.

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