Rhea Picture

[UPDATE]-Changed the picture to make the spear look more unique. Also changed around family relations.

Recently, I looked up on the internet which planets/moons in our solar system could possibly contain life. On the list was the Saturn moon, Titan. So then I began to wonder, what would these aliens look like?

Then I got a few character ideas, as well as me wanting to improve my figure drawing skills. So I took a few notes from Concepts-by-Kae and decided to make my own characters.

Rhea is a hunter on the moon of Titan. After she was orphaned at a young age due to war on titan, she ended up traveling to the metropolis of their moon. Rhea has tribal blood within her, but with all the increasing modernization of her Homeworld, she finds it hard to retain all the values of her tribe she held as a young girl. So she takes to hunting, as a form of recreation and to help her not forget her roots. She currently resides in a small village with her husband and his younger sister.

So yeah, I plan to do more characters like this involving Titan. Their names will be based on the Titans of Greek mythology, although the similarities with stop there.

Also, Happy 16th birthday, DeviantArt!

Pose provided by Tasastock
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